Friday, June 10, 2011

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Characters Who Deserved to Live - Jane (Terror On Tour)

Jane was a prostitute who was forced by Lieutenant Lambert to go undercover as a groupie for the band "The Clowns." It seems that someone dressed as one of the band members has been murdering groupies.

Lambert - Just do your job

Jane - Like I got some kind of choice?

Lambert - Not unless you wanna spend the rest of your time with the state

Jane - No thanks, they got lousy service.

Oh Jane, why didn't you just choose to spend the rest of your time with the state?

Jane is very street smart and she is a fighter! Even though she doesn't get much screen time, she is the most likeable person in the entire film. When she stumbles upon a dead body she doesn't scream as she knows it will alert the killer. Unfortunately for her, the killer is already in the room. He slashes her face with a knife... Does Jane cower in fear like the rest of the women in this movie? NO WAY! She kicks the hell outta him and knocks him back against the wall and then she takes off running. She finds a decent hiding place and manages to elude the killer for a little while. In the meantime, Lambert gets surprised by the killer and murdered backstage. Jane eventually finds his dead body. What is the first thing she does? She grabs his gun and gets a look in her eyes like she has gone from pure fear to pure anger! Just look at the picture above. If that isn't a woman on a mission, I don't know what is!

UGH, then the filmmakers make the wrong decision. The second Jane turns to go after the killer, he sneak attacks her and stabs her in the gut. She rips his mask off before she dies. My question is WHY?! I mean, she was such a fighter and such an amazing character... Why did they have her die from a sneak attack? Then it hits me... She died from a sneak attack because there is NO WAY the killer would have taken her out any other way. He tried to kill her face to face and got his ass kicked... So, next best thing for him was to sneak up from behind.

So, let's hear it for Jane! She was one tough cookie! She completely deserved to survive and ultimately I believe she would have if the killer hadn't snuck up behind her. You'll always have a fan in me, Jane!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Slasher Fashion - Cheerleader Camp

Ah, classic 80s slasher fashions. Just one of many reasons I do love 80s slasher flicks. They are bright, fun, and occasionally ridiculous! For this first look into slasher fashions, I have decided to go with Pam, Alison, Cory, Theresa, Bonnie, Ms. Tiptits (Er, Tipton rather) and many more from the classic late 80s film Cheerleader Camp! Check out these amazing pictures!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Victim #5 - Carrie from Cannibal Campout

Carrie was the girlfriend of Jon. This happy go lucky couple invited another couple to go camping with them at Redston for the weekend. It would've been a great time if they hadn't been on the recieving end of a severe case of road rage from a band of cannibal brothers who proceed to stalk and kill the group one by one.

Carrie was a very nice person. We learn this early on as she knew something was wrong with her friend Amy and tried to get Amy to open up. She was able to do this without being too pushy. She came off as a caring friend who really wanted to help.

Carrie was also a very sensible person. While relaxing beside the lake, she asks her boyfriend if it was really okay for them to be there. Jon, being the happy go lucky guy that he is, assures her that everything is fine. Unfortunately for Carrie, everything was not fine. She goes for a stroll in the woods alone and finds herself on the recieving end of a machete blade.

So here's to you, Carrie! You were a caring, decent human being... You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Favorite Heroines - Lori Lethin (Joyce, Bloody Birthday)

Lori Lethin as Joyce in Bloody Birthday is easily one of my favorite slasher movie heroines. She is a well written, well acted character. Everything from her belief in astrology helping her determine the children are evil to her very realistic relationship with her kid brother just helps make the character feel like a real person. She doesn't feel like a cardboard cutout character. The beauty of this character is that she has a very down to earth likeability that makes you really want her to survive when she finds herself and her brother stalked by the psychotic trio.

And she also proves to be quite resourceful using any weapon she has access to in her battle... No object is safe... Lamps, a fireplace poker, guns, and even a fishbowl is used in the climactic battle and Lori Lethin really rises to the occasion. She has easily earned her place as one of my favorite horror film heroines of all time.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Opening Victim(s) - The Miner (My Bloody Valentine)

She's blonde, she's sensual, and she has a thing for a certain man in a miner's outfit.

At the beginning of the film, two miners find a particular spot to be alone and the blonde removes her mask and begins to sensually caress the other miner's body. As very eerie music plays in the background, she tries to remove his mask but he waves her away. She then begins to caress his mask. As she removes the top of her outfit, the miner puts his hand on her breast and we see she has a heart tattoo on her left bosom. We know something is wrong as the miner's breathing gets heavier and heavier and BAM! He slams her through a pickaxe he had slammed into the wall behind her earlier. She screams in pain and terror and we cut to the opening credits.

I really enjoy this opening murder. It was a great "hook" to get me to want to see the rest of the movie. The music, atmosphere, and setting create the perfect tone for the rest of this film.

So who was this blonde woman? What is her history with the killer? Was she friends with Patty or Sarah? We may never know... As it stands now we do know that her heart tattoo was her downfall... Poor woman.....

Slasher Fashions

Ah, slasher fashions... Is there anything better? The answer is No!! I plan to go through at least once a month and discuss slasher fashion sense by some of our favorite slasher ladies....





Will get more into detail later, but just a heads up of things to come!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Classic Slasher Bad Girls - Veronica (Killer Party)

Our first slasher "bad girl" award goes to Veronica from Killer Party. When the movie begins we see that Veronica is a manipulator. She manipulates Mrs. Henshaw into letting her hold "goat night" in the old frat house that has been closed down for years. She's also very bitchy with the sorority pledges. This can be forgiven as Veronica is the "pledge mistress." I would think that she is supposed to be tough to the pledges. What sets her apart is how much she enjoys humiliating them.

One scene in particular where she takes extreme pleasure in hurting Vivia is a fine example of how cruel she can be.

I am disappointed that Veronica is killed from behind. I really wanted to know how she would react to danger. We get a small glimpse of how she would react earlier during a prank on "goat night." When Vivia disappears into the basement, Jennifer starts to go after her, but Veronica stops her. Veronica appears to be the most level headed in the group as she says they will all stick together and go after Vivia. That was good leadership skills, Veronica! I think she would have been a fighter to the bitter end had she not had her skull bashed in with a hammer on that frat house staircase.

So now I believe she is calling people slime buckets in that great sorority house in the sky....

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Victim #5 - The Dancer from Pieces

Not much is known about the dancer from Pieces. We do know that she is a lot of fun on the dance floor and that she likes to practice her dancing alone at night. So, okay it isn’t the brightest idea to dance alone in a seemingly deserted building at night… So what? In her defense, the police never make the students aware that a chainsaw wielding maniac is stalking the student body. She had no clue about that. So, I can’t really fault her for being alone with a maniac on the loose.

Although how exactly do brutal murders happen during the day and night on a college campus and the student body remains completely oblivious? Seems like they would at least know something about it… but I digress….

The dancer does get some points from me because once she hears a strange noise; she packs up her things and runs! She runs to the elevator and is frightened by someone but breathes a sigh of relief when she recognizes the man standing next to her and believes that she is safe now… unaware that she is putting her trust into a murderer that is hiding a chainsaw behind his back!

Although how exactly can one be so blind as to not notice a chainsaw someone is (very poorly) hiding behind their back??? But I digress again…..

The poor dancer is then trapped in an elevator with a murderer who saws off her arms…

Although why does the murderer want her arms? She’s a DANCER! I would think her legs would be more appropriate for him… but I digress a third time….

Wait! The dancer’s screams alerted Kendall! Kendall and the cops are to the rescue! And we learn that she is still alive! My heart is overjoyed that someone survived this maniac’s attack…. And then I’m crushed when we are told that she didn’t make it. She didn’t pull through. The shock was just too much. Damn! I really liked her too, even for the small amount of screen time she is given….

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Characters Who Deserved to Live - Kimberly (Slumber Party Massacre)

Kimberly was a high school basketball player. She attended a slumber party at her friend Trish’s house one evening and was killed, along with most of her friends, by escaped mental patient Russ Thorn.

It always bothered me that Kimberly didn’t survive that fateful night back in ’82. She was smart, resourceful, and was one of the only characters that were pro-active in battling Russ.

Why she should have survived:

1.When Russ was attacking Jeff outside the back door, Trish froze in shock. Kimberly was the one who grabbed Trish and made her run.

2.When Jackie ran downstairs to open the door for Valerie, Kimberly tried to stop her.

3.When Trish started to run after Jackie, Kimberly stopped her and reminded her to grab a knife to defend herself with.

4.When Russ surprised Kimberly and Trish in the upstairs bedroom by sneaking up behind them, Trish dropped her knife… Kimberly held on to her knife.

5.The second Kimberly and Trish get up after the sneak attack; Kimberly immediately starts grabbing statues off the table and hurling them at Russ. She didn’t cower in a corner. She fought!

Her fatal mistake(s)

1.She should have run out the front door when Russ was attacking Jeff at the back door.

2.Once Trish hit Russ with the baseball bat, she dropped it and Kimberly and Trish tried getting out of the bedroom. Kimberly should’ve taken the initiative and picked up the baseball bat and finished what Trish started.

3.She never should have let Trish get in front of her when trying to get out of the bedroom. She was in a perfect position to get away first, but Trish got in front of her. This gave Russ the perfect chance to sneak up behind her.

As you can see, Kimberly’s mistakes were few and she never crumbled in the face of danger. She was only killed by a sneak attach from behind. I think she should have survived. She was fun and Debra Deliso was really great in this role. She made Kimberly feel like more than slasher movie fodder. Kudos for that!