Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Characters Who Deserved to Live - Kimberly (Slumber Party Massacre)

Kimberly was a high school basketball player. She attended a slumber party at her friend Trish’s house one evening and was killed, along with most of her friends, by escaped mental patient Russ Thorn.

It always bothered me that Kimberly didn’t survive that fateful night back in ’82. She was smart, resourceful, and was one of the only characters that were pro-active in battling Russ.

Why she should have survived:

1.When Russ was attacking Jeff outside the back door, Trish froze in shock. Kimberly was the one who grabbed Trish and made her run.

2.When Jackie ran downstairs to open the door for Valerie, Kimberly tried to stop her.

3.When Trish started to run after Jackie, Kimberly stopped her and reminded her to grab a knife to defend herself with.

4.When Russ surprised Kimberly and Trish in the upstairs bedroom by sneaking up behind them, Trish dropped her knife… Kimberly held on to her knife.

5.The second Kimberly and Trish get up after the sneak attack; Kimberly immediately starts grabbing statues off the table and hurling them at Russ. She didn’t cower in a corner. She fought!

Her fatal mistake(s)

1.She should have run out the front door when Russ was attacking Jeff at the back door.

2.Once Trish hit Russ with the baseball bat, she dropped it and Kimberly and Trish tried getting out of the bedroom. Kimberly should’ve taken the initiative and picked up the baseball bat and finished what Trish started.

3.She never should have let Trish get in front of her when trying to get out of the bedroom. She was in a perfect position to get away first, but Trish got in front of her. This gave Russ the perfect chance to sneak up behind her.

As you can see, Kimberly’s mistakes were few and she never crumbled in the face of danger. She was only killed by a sneak attach from behind. I think she should have survived. She was fun and Debra Deliso was really great in this role. She made Kimberly feel like more than slasher movie fodder. Kudos for that!

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