Thursday, February 3, 2011

Classic Slasher Bad Girls - Veronica (Killer Party)

Our first slasher "bad girl" award goes to Veronica from Killer Party. When the movie begins we see that Veronica is a manipulator. She manipulates Mrs. Henshaw into letting her hold "goat night" in the old frat house that has been closed down for years. She's also very bitchy with the sorority pledges. This can be forgiven as Veronica is the "pledge mistress." I would think that she is supposed to be tough to the pledges. What sets her apart is how much she enjoys humiliating them.

One scene in particular where she takes extreme pleasure in hurting Vivia is a fine example of how cruel she can be.

I am disappointed that Veronica is killed from behind. I really wanted to know how she would react to danger. We get a small glimpse of how she would react earlier during a prank on "goat night." When Vivia disappears into the basement, Jennifer starts to go after her, but Veronica stops her. Veronica appears to be the most level headed in the group as she says they will all stick together and go after Vivia. That was good leadership skills, Veronica! I think she would have been a fighter to the bitter end had she not had her skull bashed in with a hammer on that frat house staircase.

So now I believe she is calling people slime buckets in that great sorority house in the sky....


  1. That scene you mention about how Veronica suggests they all go check out the danger together is one of the most surprising scenes in the film. I do agree that Veronica can be a total bitch, but there's something in that scene that shows she's not completely self-absorbed, and she's also quite helpful there. I think a lot of her anger stems from Harrison's rejection of her. Let's face it, she never got over it... How could you... Harrison is so cute! :)

    Great post. Love Killer Party (I think you knew that)!

  2. I agree that Veronica isn't such a bad person once there was a threat of real danger. She's more of your typical "mean girl." Harrison rejected her for a pledge and that has to sting a little.... I really like the fact that she didn't run when she thought Vivia was in trouble.

  3. These are the best times of our lives, these are the best times!