Monday, February 7, 2011

Opening Victim(s) - The Miner (My Bloody Valentine)

She's blonde, she's sensual, and she has a thing for a certain man in a miner's outfit.

At the beginning of the film, two miners find a particular spot to be alone and the blonde removes her mask and begins to sensually caress the other miner's body. As very eerie music plays in the background, she tries to remove his mask but he waves her away. She then begins to caress his mask. As she removes the top of her outfit, the miner puts his hand on her breast and we see she has a heart tattoo on her left bosom. We know something is wrong as the miner's breathing gets heavier and heavier and BAM! He slams her through a pickaxe he had slammed into the wall behind her earlier. She screams in pain and terror and we cut to the opening credits.

I really enjoy this opening murder. It was a great "hook" to get me to want to see the rest of the movie. The music, atmosphere, and setting create the perfect tone for the rest of this film.

So who was this blonde woman? What is her history with the killer? Was she friends with Patty or Sarah? We may never know... As it stands now we do know that her heart tattoo was her downfall... Poor woman.....

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