Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Victim #5 - The Dancer from Pieces

Not much is known about the dancer from Pieces. We do know that she is a lot of fun on the dance floor and that she likes to practice her dancing alone at night. So, okay it isn’t the brightest idea to dance alone in a seemingly deserted building at night… So what? In her defense, the police never make the students aware that a chainsaw wielding maniac is stalking the student body. She had no clue about that. So, I can’t really fault her for being alone with a maniac on the loose.

Although how exactly do brutal murders happen during the day and night on a college campus and the student body remains completely oblivious? Seems like they would at least know something about it… but I digress….

The dancer does get some points from me because once she hears a strange noise; she packs up her things and runs! She runs to the elevator and is frightened by someone but breathes a sigh of relief when she recognizes the man standing next to her and believes that she is safe now… unaware that she is putting her trust into a murderer that is hiding a chainsaw behind his back!

Although how exactly can one be so blind as to not notice a chainsaw someone is (very poorly) hiding behind their back??? But I digress again…..

The poor dancer is then trapped in an elevator with a murderer who saws off her arms…

Although why does the murderer want her arms? She’s a DANCER! I would think her legs would be more appropriate for him… but I digress a third time….

Wait! The dancer’s screams alerted Kendall! Kendall and the cops are to the rescue! And we learn that she is still alive! My heart is overjoyed that someone survived this maniac’s attack…. And then I’m crushed when we are told that she didn’t make it. She didn’t pull through. The shock was just too much. Damn! I really liked her too, even for the small amount of screen time she is given….

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