Saturday, March 5, 2011

Favorite Heroines - Lori Lethin (Joyce, Bloody Birthday)

Lori Lethin as Joyce in Bloody Birthday is easily one of my favorite slasher movie heroines. She is a well written, well acted character. Everything from her belief in astrology helping her determine the children are evil to her very realistic relationship with her kid brother just helps make the character feel like a real person. She doesn't feel like a cardboard cutout character. The beauty of this character is that she has a very down to earth likeability that makes you really want her to survive when she finds herself and her brother stalked by the psychotic trio.

And she also proves to be quite resourceful using any weapon she has access to in her battle... No object is safe... Lamps, a fireplace poker, guns, and even a fishbowl is used in the climactic battle and Lori Lethin really rises to the occasion. She has easily earned her place as one of my favorite horror film heroines of all time.

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