Monday, April 18, 2011

Victim #5 - Carrie from Cannibal Campout

Carrie was the girlfriend of Jon. This happy go lucky couple invited another couple to go camping with them at Redston for the weekend. It would've been a great time if they hadn't been on the recieving end of a severe case of road rage from a band of cannibal brothers who proceed to stalk and kill the group one by one.

Carrie was a very nice person. We learn this early on as she knew something was wrong with her friend Amy and tried to get Amy to open up. She was able to do this without being too pushy. She came off as a caring friend who really wanted to help.

Carrie was also a very sensible person. While relaxing beside the lake, she asks her boyfriend if it was really okay for them to be there. Jon, being the happy go lucky guy that he is, assures her that everything is fine. Unfortunately for Carrie, everything was not fine. She goes for a stroll in the woods alone and finds herself on the recieving end of a machete blade.

So here's to you, Carrie! You were a caring, decent human being... You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.