Friday, June 10, 2011

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Characters Who Deserved to Live - Jane (Terror On Tour)

Jane was a prostitute who was forced by Lieutenant Lambert to go undercover as a groupie for the band "The Clowns." It seems that someone dressed as one of the band members has been murdering groupies.

Lambert - Just do your job

Jane - Like I got some kind of choice?

Lambert - Not unless you wanna spend the rest of your time with the state

Jane - No thanks, they got lousy service.

Oh Jane, why didn't you just choose to spend the rest of your time with the state?

Jane is very street smart and she is a fighter! Even though she doesn't get much screen time, she is the most likeable person in the entire film. When she stumbles upon a dead body she doesn't scream as she knows it will alert the killer. Unfortunately for her, the killer is already in the room. He slashes her face with a knife... Does Jane cower in fear like the rest of the women in this movie? NO WAY! She kicks the hell outta him and knocks him back against the wall and then she takes off running. She finds a decent hiding place and manages to elude the killer for a little while. In the meantime, Lambert gets surprised by the killer and murdered backstage. Jane eventually finds his dead body. What is the first thing she does? She grabs his gun and gets a look in her eyes like she has gone from pure fear to pure anger! Just look at the picture above. If that isn't a woman on a mission, I don't know what is!

UGH, then the filmmakers make the wrong decision. The second Jane turns to go after the killer, he sneak attacks her and stabs her in the gut. She rips his mask off before she dies. My question is WHY?! I mean, she was such a fighter and such an amazing character... Why did they have her die from a sneak attack? Then it hits me... She died from a sneak attack because there is NO WAY the killer would have taken her out any other way. He tried to kill her face to face and got his ass kicked... So, next best thing for him was to sneak up from behind.

So, let's hear it for Jane! She was one tough cookie! She completely deserved to survive and ultimately I believe she would have if the killer hadn't snuck up behind her. You'll always have a fan in me, Jane!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Slasher Fashion - Cheerleader Camp

Ah, classic 80s slasher fashions. Just one of many reasons I do love 80s slasher flicks. They are bright, fun, and occasionally ridiculous! For this first look into slasher fashions, I have decided to go with Pam, Alison, Cory, Theresa, Bonnie, Ms. Tiptits (Er, Tipton rather) and many more from the classic late 80s film Cheerleader Camp! Check out these amazing pictures!